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About Us

Founded in 1993, we are one of the leading professional manufacturers of car seat covers in Taiwan. We have been working on the improvement of car seating continuously and have received tremendous reputation for supplying high-quality seat covers to the local market. For the last 10 years, we have started to promote our products to foreign markets, and have proven to be affirmed by customers all over the world.

With a goal to manufacture world high-quality products, we keep modifying and improving our products as per customer's request. From designing to manufacturing, we keep the strictest quality-control. In order to let customers have the most comfortable seating, we also accept custom design and modifications which are available upon customer's request.

In the future, we will develop various products and manufacture a wide variety of products in this field.

Scope of Business

  • Leather Seat Cover
  • Sports Seat / Bucket Seat
  • Ventilation Seat
  • Headrest / Armrest
  • Office Chair / Helm Seat
  • Seat Accessories
  • Autoadapt Dealer
  • Surface Material:Genuine Leather、Artificial Leather、Onine Leather、Carbon Leather、Suede、Fabric